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Crate hails from the infamous city once known for drug dealing, appalling amounts of murders, and the disappearance of women, Ciudad Juarez. In the late 90’s you would start to see graffiti in every corner of the city. Teens took interest rapidly and started graffiti crews all around the city. It was a true delight to ride in a car and be in a state of awe, watching the city being transformed by colors and typography never seen before. In the early 2000’s, local teens knew numerous techniques, knew the unwritten commandments of the graffiti bible, and most importantly, the style was evolving.
In 2002 Crate was born. He created and destroyed everything in his path. He became infatuated with the aesthetic of graffiti. Early on he quickly became aware that graffiti could open doors in different branches of the design world. Under Crate, he can be himself and experiment with any medium without any rules attached. This is where the culmination of the teenage graffiti writer did a full 360 degree turn and incorporated the strict, obsessive compulsive, almost perfect graphic design, into a canvas where he can let loose and paint the canvas with spray cans using zero rules. It is almost the perfect balance in his career to this day, due to the fact that he is still free to go out into the world and explore under his alias Crate.

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Crate & Abismo, Street Ilegal, 2016 • Austin, Tx

Crate, Tag • San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mx

CraDare, Street Ilegal, 2016 • San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mx

Men’s…, 50×60cm, 2015 • Movember Mty, La Curaduria, Santa Catarina, Mx